The Results Are In: Runners Up in the Biscuitville Brand Your Biscuit Competition!

Photo by Rachel Southmayd

My roommates and I, as mentioned in my last post, formed a team called G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Roommates in the South) to create our very own biscuit, The Southern Sunrise. It was a part of the extremely fun Brand Your Biscuit competition held by Biscuitville.

As finalists in the competition, we were invited to attend this past Monday’s Business and Biscuits Breakfast in a penthouse ballroom in the Center Pointe building in Greensboro. It was STUNNING. Golden walls, gorgeous city views and trays of fresh biscuits awaited us as we anticipated the results of the competition. We also got to speak with local entrepreneurs and business professionals in our fields of interest, which was such a treat and a nice bonus of the breakfast.

When it came time to announce the winners, we were announced as the runners up and winners of Best Video! We attribute the video’s success to the catchy jingle we created on our couch back in March. We had a lot of fun making up the rhymes to that one and putting together the final product.

Along with our runner up status, we received $500 toward Elon. We were pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to donate the money to our wonderful college (and our home for just one more month)!



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