Photo Sequence: The Unexpected

This weekend was busy and full of surprising little moments that caught my attention.
I was having a hard time deciding what to base my photo assignment on, but I ended up finding a sort of theme through the course of the weekend.
First, on Saturday, I received a care package complete with socks and a pile of candy. I snapped a picture of the homemade doodle on the box.
Later, after traveling to Wake Forest to see my friend in a play, I arrived back on the somewhat empty Elon campus and decided to take a bike ride. I turned onto a road off of University Drive and soon found myself riding by a fenced in area with two goats and two miniature horses! I definitely did not expect to see them there. I decided to snap a few shots of the animals, who I realized were a part of the Blakely Hall retirement community. They were very interested in my camera and also seemed lonely, so I think I’ll be paying them a visit again soon.
Another moment came around lunch time on Valentine’s Day, when I passed the McMichael parking lot. I saw red flowers on the hoods of four cars, including mine. All of the cars were parked in a row, but I did not recognize any of them. I am not sure if this was a random act of kindness or not, but nonetheless I was very excited.
I loved the reflection of the Carnation on the hood of my car, and I also brought out the red by enhancing the hues/saturation in photoshop. Some other Photoshop edits were increasing the contrast and/or brightness in each photo, and bringing out the reds and yellows on the animal photos, which were taken during sunset.


A Bit Obsessed

I just looked at my blog, my dorm room walls, and my computer background, only to reaffirm the fact that I am obsessed with all things French.

For quite some time, my blog’s header was the Eiffel Tower, and the title of my first post was “Bonjour Blogosphere.”

My computer background is a collage of pictures from Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and the French town of Amboise (the photo I took in 2007 is featured above).

There are two Eiffel Tower posters on my wall, each portraying it at a different angle.

There are also several smaller hanging pictures of scenery in France, as well as a Monet painting and my mini Eiffel Tower sculpture on my desk.

I love the French language and how it sounds.

I love incorporating French into my daily conversations, though my friends sometimes get confused.

I love the food. In fact, this past weekend I drove to Lowe’s Foods and bought a baguette for me and my hallmates to share.

I love the customs such as the double air kiss when a person greets their friend.

I also like wearing berets and striped shirts, which are quintessential French fashion stereotypes.

I traveled to France with my French teacher and ten fellow students in my sophomore year of high school and stayed with a family there. We stayed in Chinon, traveled to the Chateaus in the Loire Valley and ended the trip in Paris.

Ever since, I have wanted to go back to France and live there for at least a semester, and to set my eyes on the Eiffel Tower, which I believe is one of the most recognizable and beautiful pieces of architecture in the world.

I sometimes worry about myself and my minor obsession with France, but then again, I could be obsessed with worse things.